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Sheri Reingold, Simply Music Teacher

"I have seen a lot of music programs over the years. Some were fun. Some were clever. Some were thorough. Here’s one that has it all. In terms of presentation, effectiveness, philosophy – you name it – there’s nothing out there that compares at all.”
Mary Pride
Publisher, Practical Homeschool Magazine

The Piano Place specializes in Simply Music, the revolutionary Australian-developed piano and keyboard program that has children, teens, adults and seniors playing great-sounding classical, popular, blues, and accompaniment pieces immediately—from their very first lessons!

First year: Imagine playing 30 - 50 pieces, hands together, as well as composing and improvising. These breakthrough results are guaranteed because we temporarily delay the music-reading process, focusing instead on developing a ‘hands-on’ relationship with the instrument and building playing skills through learning and playing a huge range of great-sounding pieces.

Simply Music is designed for the learning and playing success of all students, regardless of age, abilities, and musical background. These are not the lessons you grew up with. You and/or your kids will have a completely different and highly positive experience while you gain facility and ease with playing from your first lessons.

What People Are Saying

Revolutionary Lessons

“Let me begin by saying just how thrilled I am with the Simply Music program. I’m playing better now than I did after years of traditional lessons.”

Steve Manuel
Executive Producer Prime Time
Discovery Channel

The first step is for parents and adult students to attend a no-obligation Free Introductory Session. Children who can sit through an information event may attend but are not required to do so. At the Session, you will learn how we are obtaining our remarkable results, take part in a demonstration (learn a piece of music), and hear about the lesson structure, curriculum, fees, and scheduling.

The Free Introductory Session lasts 60 - 90 minutes. It is highly encouraged that both parents attend the Session. There will be an opportunity to enroll in weekly lessons (though there is absolutely no obligation).

We all have exactly what it takes to have music-making as a life-long companion–Simply Music offers you, no matter your age or background, the remarkable opportunity to express yourself through music, from your first lessons!

These are not the lessons you grew up with—come learn why.

About Simply Music, Ages 7-107

From the very beginning, this innovative system has students playing a huge variety of music including contemporary, accompaniments, classical, blues and jazz as well as composing, improvising, and arranging. The playing and theoretical-based foundation sets the stage for a powerful, self-generative musical self-expression and includes a transformational and far- reaching reading experience, all done through the lens of Simply Music’s unique ‘playing-based’ approach.

Simply Music Piano is effectively delivered in a shared lesson format, with accelerated results being the norm. Lessons vary from 30 to 50 minutes and range from two to five students matched according to their age and skill level. In certain circumstances 25-minute individual lessons can be arranged.
"Your system is one of the most superb I’ve encountered in 30 years of adult education."

Michael Zeiler, adult student

Listen to the creator of Simply Music, Neil Moore.

Learn about Special Needs students and Simply Music.

Simply Music’s Fundamental Goal

Our Fundamental Goal is openly declared and distinct from traditional methods. The content of our method and the standards of measure applied to our curriculum as a whole, are dictated by this goal:

To maximize the likelihood of students acquiring and retaining music as a lifelong companion.

Simply Music’s Specific Goals

As a part of this Fundamental Goal, there are four Specific Goals around which our program and methodology are centered. Our aim is for students to:
- Experience their musicianship as a natural self-expression;
- Play a vast repertoire covering a broad array of musical styles and genres;
- Develop the ability to self-generate, i.e. the ability to progress independently. This includes developing a foundation of music reading, writing, composition, improvisation, arrangement, structure and theory, etc.;
- Have a highly positive, self-affirming experience throughout the music learning process.

About Play A Story

Ages four to seven
Play-a-Story provides a foundational and creative experience that harnesses children’s intuitive musical appreciation and interpretation. It uses the piano as its mode of travel, using key theoretical concepts to create sounds, melodies, harmonies and rhythms to express the story…literally, students create their own musical soundtrack. Students learn to interpret mood, color and nuance through improvisation as the story unfolds.

Play-a-Story is an improvisational program where students are given musical sounds, motifs, styles, shapes and dynamics, discovering their innate musicality by creating musical stories, laying down a comprehensive improvisational foundation that equips them with the sounds of their new musical language, and provides a wonderful springboard into the Simply Music Piano program.
See parents talking about Play-a-Story here.

Meet Sheri Reingold

Advanced Simply Music Teacher, 
bringing music to the community since 2002
Sheri loves being witness to her students' unique joy of immediate access to musical self-expression. Her background started with traditional piano lessons at age twelve. When she was introduced to Simply Music in 2003 her excitement about its impact on expanding her own playing beyond the normative results obtained with her traditional lessons led her to her passion of sharing it with the world.

After thousands of teaching hours and hundreds of students (some of whom have become teachers themselves), her dedication and enthusiasm with each new student continues. Because of Sheri's natural knack for teaching and inspiration she receives from her students, her expert guidance through the Simply Music curriculum virtually guarantees your results.

Sheri holds the distinction of being Southern California's most experienced Simply Music teacher. She has also contributed to the organization by presenting at Simply Music International Symposia and Workshops, has been a Simply Music endorsed mentor for new teachers and Simply Music endorsed teacher coach, has co-authored organization-wide teacher training and student home materials and has her student testimonials included in a book about Simply Music called A World Where Everyone Plays.
"Sheri is lively and fun and makes the kids feel so great. Her passion engages the kids and after a handful of lessons they are already real musicians and improvising too!”

Debby Patis, Oak Park
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